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Our officers are open to communication from anyone interested in learning more about Fast Tracks or making suggestions that could improve our service to our members. 

Please feel free to contact us with questions or feedback.

Board Member Descriptions

President: presides over meetings, represents the club with the RRCA, calls any  special meetings, and appoints committees and chairpersons thereof with approval from the Board.     

Vice President: assumes the powers of the President in his/her absence, and takes on special assignments as requested by the President.  

Secretary: records minutes at all meetings, keeps a file of minutes, oversees the election process for all Board members, and when requested by the President, accepts assignments involving correspondence and the keeping of records. 

Treasurer: oversees the budget planning process, ensures adequate income available to achieve the budgeted expenses, ensures the Board receives regular and accurate financial updates, and other duties as requested by the President. 

At ­Large Member: This voting member attends board meetings, represents the interests of the membership as a whole, and takes special assignments as requested by the President.  

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